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Hi, There you can download APK file "Chess PGN Master" for Android free, apk file version is 2.05 to download to your android device just click this button. It's easy and warranty. We provide only original apk files. If any of materials on this site violates your rights, report us
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Description of Chess PGN Master

This is the trial version of Chess PGN Master, a learning and study tool for chess amateurs and professionals alike. In order to improve in chess, apart from playing lots of games, it is essential to

* study chess games from masters and to try to understand why the moves were played
* study endgame positions
* gain a basic knowledge of the openings you play

Chess PGN Master helps you with these tasks by making it easy to

* review chess games
* enter your own games and blunder check them
* analyze games with a strong chess engine
* play positions against a chess engine

and it can do a lot more!

The trial version allows you to view:

- the first 20 games of a PGN file
- the first 5 games of a live PGN file

Please buy the pro key to remove restrictions and to enable edit mode:

* Easy navigation (tap on left or right side of the board to move the pieces)
* Analyze games with the integrated analysis engine (output limited to one move in trial version) - start with menu - Analyisis start/stop
* Add more UCI chess engines for analysis (e.g. use the engines distributed with Chessbase)
* Autoplay (automatically move the pieces, time between moves can be set in settings)
* Live update of games (a PGN file from the web which is updated will automatically be reloaded once a minute)
* Dropbox support (load PGN files from your Dropbox)
* includes a PGN file with 6 annotated games from "Chess Fundamentals" by former world champion José Raúl Capablanca
* Edit mode (PRO only): try out analyzed lines, edit annotations and variations
* Blunder check
* Supports many languages (e.g. Russian, Chinese) in annotations (see Preferences - Set encoding)
* Share games with other programs (Chess programs, Google+, ...), share from Chessbase Online
* Can read Scid database files if "Scid on the go" is installed
* Automatically convert ChessBase databases to PGN if "CBH to PGN" is installed
* Support for chess engines in open exchange format like Komodo or Texel

Chess960 is NOT supported.


Version history Chess PGN Master
New in Chess PGN Master 2.05
Fix text scrolling issue.
New in Chess PGN Master 2.04
Stockfish engine updated to version 10.
New in Chess PGN Master 2.03
2.03: fix corrupt game after entering move symbol and saving game
2.02: fix random Chinese characters in notation (Pixel XL2 - Android 9)
New in Chess PGN Master 2.02
fix random Chinese characters in notation (Pixel XL2 - Android 9)
New in Chess PGN Master 2.01
fix crash when sharing position as image
New in Chess PGN Master 2.00
* fix delete game from favorites not possible in free version
New in Chess PGN Master 1.99.1
* internal engine updated to Stockfish 9* blunder checking result comments changed* fix reading PGN files from mail attachments* fix castling flags for loaded games with invalid castling
New in Chess PGN Master 1.99
* improved performance when reading games analysed by DroidFish* engine parsing fixes (Fritz engine)* PGN parser fix (post move annotations)
New in Chess PGN Master 1.98
* update Dropbox API to latest version
New in Chess PGN Master 1.97
* remember position of last opened game for each file* various smaller bug fixes and improvements
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